Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's alive! It's alive!

Here it is, my first post to Cyber Trench!  I'm Keith Osterberg, a community college writing lab instructor and graduate student working on my Master of Educational Technology degree at Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis.

I'm creating this blog for my Online Applications for Collaboration class, but I am certain it will live on after I have completed my degree.  I'm a newbie to the blogosphere, so bear with me and feel free to offer pointers on how to improve my efforts.

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  1. Welcome Keith! I can't say I have seen right or wrong way to do this! (but of course, for class we have to answer our prompts ;0)) It's like journaling - your thoughts, your creation. I look forward to hearing your insights this class, especially from a post highschool perspective! Blessings, Brandy